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Danielle Workman



We all have an emotional relationship with money that often is not rational. By uncovering our reactions to financial fears, our innate biases in decision-making, and examining our lived experiences, we can avoid making costly decisions driven by emotions rather than facts.

Danielle will explore the science of behavioral finance, how our reflexive behavior impacts our decision-making ability and some of the common barriers to financial success. She will also discuss how our learned behaviors and attitudes towards money were formed in our childhood “Money Classroom” and how our personality factors into our money behavioral tendencies.
Lastly, Danielle will share about the need for both financial and mental readiness when planning to retire or exit a business and how she works as a financial coach to walk clients back off the ledge when they are tempted to make a rash financial decision that is not in their long-term best interest.
With over 25 years collective experience in the insurance and financial services industries and another 6 years teaching business owners and sales professionals how to grow their businesses while at the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber, Danielle teaches women how to take control of their financial destiny through planning, organization and risk management; equips women to understand investing, business succession planning, and financial legacy planning for their families; and empowers them to achieve their financial, professional and personal goals, even in the face of adversity.

About Danielle:

Danielle is a widowed mother of three great kids: Katrina, 24, graduated from University of Michigan with honors and lives in Manhattan ; Cyber Jack, 21, hard-working cyber security technician and student; and the almost 10 year old red-headed charmer Eleanor, gifted in music, honors student, basketball player and Girl Scout. When she’s not leading a Girl Scout Troop, coaching basketball or chairing the auction committee for her daughter’s school, Danielle runs her own business – The Financial Center for Women and is a partner with the Business Intelligence Institute as a Business Exit Planning Specialist.
Danielle was a scholarship exchange student with the Congress-Bundestag Austausch Program. She attended Königin Mathilde Gymnasium in Herford, living in Germany from 1988 to 1990. Danielle is a professional problem solver and an overcomer when life deals challenging situations.

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