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Antonie Ziegler is an intuitive life alignment coach who helps mid-life driven women and high-functioning, burnt-out CEOs on a holistic healing journey to wake up to their truest selves and align with their desires, so that they can live a joyful, intentional and impactful life.


Do you embrace change and have the courage to give things a go? YOU, UNTANGLED – Antonie’s deep and unique transformational approach helped her to climb out of lifelong misery into authentic joy. In 2016, she had reached a stage in her life where she realized that there was too much at stake staying stuck in the pain of not belonging, feeling totally disconnected from herself and her own desires. She was hurting herself and everyone around her, and if she continued down this road, she knew she’d not only be alone, but living a life of self-hatred and restraint in a prison of her own making.


Being stuck in victim mode, Antonie blamed everything and everybody for her misery, including her own family. But she knew she had to break free. Working through her deep emotional pain, she came to realize that there was nothing wrong with her after all. She took responsibility for her thoughts, feelings and actions, and presently shows up in her own power, being joyful and living her life on purpose, wholeheartedly.


And now she wants to do the same for you. No more second guessing yourself. No more self-sabotaging behaviors. No more limited beliefs. Take the first step toward connecting the dots and experiencing life as it should be lived by securing your slot with Antonie at the event. Ask yourself: are you ready to do the mental work? If yes, then you’re ready for your transformation.


Antonie lives with her husband and teenage twins on their Lovely Acres in Oxford. When she’s not busy working with clients and bringing them to deeper levels of aliveness, abundance and connections, she loves to walk the land and labyrinth, cook, bake, garden, and do different types of handiwork.



Antonie Ziegler


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