Monatliches GPWA-Mitgliedstreffen

Wir treffen uns einmal im Monat. Der Veranstaltungsort wird im Vorfeld des Treffens per Einladung und in unserem Blog auf dieser Webseite bekanntgegeben.

GPWA-Mitglieder bekommen eine Einladung per email mit Informationen über das Treffen (Datum, Thema, Gastsprecher) und werden gebeten, ihre Teilnahme zu bestätigen.

Gäste können an einem Treffen der GPWA teilnehmen bevor sie Mitglied werden.

Anmeldungen (mind. drei Tage vorher) oder Fragen zu unseren Treffen senden Sie bitte an info [at] gpwa-usa [dot] com.

Upcoming Event

For more information or to register for a meeting (at least 3 days in advance), please send email to info[at]gpwa-usa[dot]com.
Date3. Dezember 2021
Time18 Uhr
TopicWeihnachtsmarkt more details

Events in 2021

Past events of 2021
12/3/2021GPWAMcDougall-Hunt Christkindl Market in DetroitWeihnachtsfeier
11/19/2021GPWAZoom TourPlanning for 2022
9/29/2021Jim Stokes Detroit Trinity ChurchHummelfest
4/30/2021Carlotta GmachlDetroit Regional PartnershipPeople, Places, Projects and Partnership:
How the Detroit Regional Partnership is Driving Economic Development in the Detroit Region
and Around the World
4/9/2021Joyce Weiss https://www.joyceweiss.comKicking Conflict to the Curb
3/19/2021Marc BerkeGirl Scouts of Southeastern MichiganEmpowering Girls
2/26/2021Susanne Cordes-HoelterhoffTeamEssenz Coaching & Consulting LLC A different perspective on cross-cultural agility with the The Model of Freedom
2/5/2021Uli LaczkovichUllman's Health & Beauty
Immune Boosters: Tried&True and New
1/15/2021Arnd HerwigGABCOutlook, Trends and COVID Impact
on the Automotive Industry
and an update on GABC

Events in 2022

List of tentative dates for our monthly GPWA meetings and other events in 2022. Information regarding speaker and topic for each meeting will follow as soon as available, and is subject to change based on speaker availability.
Feb-4Danielle WorkmanGPWA [on ZOOM]Our Emotional Relationship with Money
Feb-13GPWAPlymouth Ice FestivalFebruary outdoor get together
Feb-18Mariya FogarasiGPWA [on ZOOM]Jordanien: Reiseeindruecke
March-18Gaylotta MurrayYour best life media [on ZOOM]Storing digital Photos and making memorial and celebration videos
March, tbdtbd.Detroit Whisky FactoryTour of the distillery

Events in 2020

Overview of events in 2020.
12/18/2020Carrie ZarotneyLunch 'n' Zoom with Nurtured HealingMindful Recentering and Reset During Trying Times
[online ZOOM meeting]
12/11/2020GPWA Weihnachtsfeier und Movie Night[online ZOOM Meeting]
11/13/2020Antonie ZieglerMasterclassRealize the Gold within you [online ZOOM meeting]
10/23/2020Molly MacDonald The Pink Fund Breast cancer awareness
[online ZOOM meeting]
10/2/2020Sonja Schildt geht alles besser
8/14/2020Cheryl ThompsonGPWA Lunch 'n ZoomHow White Women can be Allies: Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in America
7/17/2020 Monica LevinBody Language for Video Conferencing [online ZOOM meeting]
7/10/2020 Dr. Paula L. RuffinNew Hudson Chiropractic Wellness Center, P.C.Your Environment is Making You Sick....and you don’t even know it!
[online ZOOM meeting]
6/26/2020Mariya FogarasiBudapest: Pearl of the Danube
[online ZOOM meeting]
6/19/2020Brenda MellerMeller MarketingTop 10 Things to do NOW on LinkedIn to Optimize Your Results
[online ZOOM meeting]
6/5/2020Dr. Paula L. RuffinNew Hudson Chiropractic Wellness Center, P.C.Do You Have The Guts To Be Healthy? How the Gut/Brain Connection Keeps You Healthy.
[online ZOOM meeting]
5/15/2020Gail PatricoloFormer Director of Integrated Medicine at Troy BeaumontRegaining Calm in the Covid Storm [online ZOOM meeting]
4/24/2020Steve KramerCertified Maxwell Trainer and CoachLeading Through Crisis Workshop [online ZOOM meeting]
3/20/2020 Monika Levin[postponed due to Covid]Nonverbal Science - The Power of Body Language
2/21/2020Leonor Estrada Predicting how a house will affect your life using Feng Shui
1/24/2020Antonie ZieglerEmbracing the Feminine in an overtly masculine world

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